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Auto Insurance

As Insurance Brokers in Manitoba, Waggoner Insurance offers the Manitoba Public Insurance products and services such as Autopac, Vehicle Registration, Special Risk Extension Products, and Driver Licensing.

What sets us apart from other brokerages is that we offer staff with many years of experience and a desire to learn in order to better serve our clients. Our goal is to make sure you are properly insured and that you are aware of all of your Autopac coverage options.

Below are information documents and common forms required to complete a variety of transactions:

Printable Autopac and Driver Licensing Forms

These forms are required by MPI in order to complete certain transactions. While these forms are available in our offices, we have made them easily accessible for you to print and complete at home before attending your broker. Beside each form is an explanation of what it is used for, but if you still have questions about which one you would require feel free to contact us

I Want to Sell or Transfer a Vehicle

The Bill of Sale is used to indicate that the vehicle was sold to a certain person for a certain value. All owners of the vehicle must sign the Bill of Sale. It is recommended that both the buyer and seller keep a copy of the Bill of Sale.

The Other Agreement allows the owner(s) of the vehicle to permit another person to register the vehicle without changing ownership. This should only be done when the person registering the vehicle will be caring for and using the vehicle and residing where the vehicle will be kept.

*Note: A valid Certificate of Inspection will be required, EXCEPT when the agreement is between parent and child or spouses.

The Statement of Gift form can be used in place of a Bill of Sale if the vehicle is being transferred from one qualifying family member to another. The form indicates which relationships qualify.

I Want Someone Else to Complete an Autopac or Driver License Transaction on my Behalf

The Autopac Authorization can be completed in order to allow someone else (including friends, family, or even staff at Waggoner Insurance) to complete Autopac transactions on your behalf.

The Driver Unavailable form is used when a Manitoba driver will be temporarily away at the time of the full renewal (end of the 5 year term) of the Driver's License for one of the reasons indicated on the form.

It is recommended that the Driver License Authorization form also be used with this form.

*Note: If there are also vehicle registrations that would require renewal, an Autopac Authorization would be needed as well.

The Driver License Authorization allows another person to complete a Driver License transaction that does not require a photo to be taken, on your behalf (for instance, certain class change requests) or alongside the Driver Unavailable form.

I Want to Be Set Up in the MPI System

This document is not a form, but provides a visual guide of the most common pieces of ID required by MPI.

The Guarantor Declaration is used to set up new accounts in the MPI system. It functions in place of photo ID when one is unavailable, as well as a signature document and one of two address documents required for the new setup.

I Want Personalized Plates or to Give a Specialty Plate that I Own as a Gift

The Personalized License Plate Application is used to apply for a license plate of your choosing. After completing the application it is submitted to the address or fax number on the form. There is also a phone number that allows you to verify that your idea has not already been used.

The Specialty License plates (Jets, Blue Bombers, U of W, Goldeyes, etc.) are the only license plates in Manitoba that can be given to another person. If you own a set of Specialty Plates that you would like to give to someone else, this Statement of Gift will allow you to do that.

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